Renata is a brilliant hair stylist. She has cut, coloured and styled my hair with great dedication and precision. She also has tremendous respect for hair, which means that she avoids harsh treatments. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone – young, old, male or female!

Television News Reader:
Zeinab Badawi

All through my youth I struggled with my long very thick and curly hair. I used to spend an inordinate amount of time maintaining my hair, blow drying it once a week at home and twice a week in a salon. I used to run away from the rain and carry a hat and umbrella whenever I went out. About six years ago, I was recommended the Yuko System treatment by a stylist at ‘John Frieda’ salon, whom I used to visit twice a week. I first met Renata at the Yuko salon in Mayfair six years ago. Ever since then, she’s been straightening, colouring and cutting my hair. Renata always puts the condition of the client’s hair first. She is not only knowledgeable about the Yuko System, she also has great knowledge and experience in colouring and cutting. Renata made my dream come true. I now have healthy, straight hair with highlights. I work for an Investment Bank. My day starts very early. Now I start my day with ease – WASH and GO. My hair looks fabulous and I feel confident. After I gave birth to my first child I immediately visited Renata and again she worked her magic. A click of the finger and my hair was straight and shiny again. This gave me a lot of quality time with my daughter.

Vice President of an Investment Bank:
Ipek De Vilder

I have naturally thick, wavy hair. Until I decided to have my hair straightened some years ago, I had the frustration of waking up with my hair looking one way, yet not knowing how it would look by lunchtime. As a professional artist, I need to tie my hair back in the studio and this is a lot easier now that my hair is straight. I live in the country and go horse riding every morning before work. Once upon a time, putting a helmet on made my hair look diabolical – but not anymore! Renata has been straightening my hair for four years and I visit her twice a year. The condition of my hair has improved dramatically since I’ve started straightening it. Renata’s professionalism has given me the confidence that she always knows what’s best for my hair. After straightening, my hair had been very easy to maintain. Also, it has been healthy and shiny looking without using any extra hair products.

Professional Artist:
Lois Sykes